Last week we told you about the “Red Flag Gun Seizure” (Senate Bill 7) hearing happening in Washington, DC next Tuesday, March 26.

More than 57,000 emails from American Firearms Coalition supporters have poured into the Capitol opposing this dangerous legislation.

To help get even more emails sent, we’ve just launched a new easy-to-remember website for you to share with your family and friends to help stop Senate Bill 7.

>>> <<<

Please click on the web link, fire off another email to your Senators OPPOSING “Red Flags” (Senate Bill 7), then take the website URL, forward to your email lists and post it in your social media groups.

Second Amendment supporters like you are the only force standing in the way of this legislation passing in the U.S. Senate.

And with the NRA supporting dangerous “Red Flag Gun Seizures”, it’s vital our Senators hear from the grassroots that Senate Bill 7 must be stopped.

After you’ve taken action, please consider joining the American Firearms Coalition at

Thank you for your grassroots activism and support!

— The American Firearms Coalition

P.S. “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation (S. 7) is scheduled for a hearing in Washington, DC next Tuesday, March 26.

Please go to to send a pre-written email to your U.S. Senators OPPOSING this legislation!

After you’ve done that, click here to become a member of the American Firearms Coalition today.

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3 Thoughts on “New Website Launch!”

  • The Red Flag law is nothing more than being guilty until proven innocent. It’s unconstitutional. That’s not how my Constitution Reads.

  • This is unconstitutional. This is just a reworded law that violates the constitution. All laws that go against our freedom is nullified. I served my country and took an oath to uphold the constitution to protect it from enemies foriegn and domestic.when you guys are sworn in you promise to do the same . You work for me not against me.please oppose red flag laws.

  • Dear Mr. President , the politions that have been voted in this last election took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States. Now they want to tear apart the 2nd amendment , take our firearms so we can’t defend ourselves and our families. These low life politions have no idea what our founding fathers went through to build a great country that we now live in. Thank you for your time. Trump 2020.

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