Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of over a million gun owners who are represented by the state level gun rights organizations that have signed this open letter, we are writing to urge you to publicly oppose ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation and to veto the bill should it land on your desk.

This legislation was heard in the Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, March 26 and, based on the comments from lawmakers on both sides of the partisan aisle, it seems likely to move forward at a rapid pace.

While the National Rifle Association (NRA) is urging you and Congress to advance this legislation, we are writing to let you know that they are wrong, and that they are giving you bad political advice.

The truth is that there is an open revolt underway right now, with grassroots gun owners leaving the NRA in droves, furious with this latest betrayal. You can see this for yourself by spending five minutes on their social media platforms.

These gun owners consider passage of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation as an unforgivable political sin, and they are rightfully angry at organizations and lawmakers who are pushing for it.

Click here to sign the petition urging President Trump to OPPOSE Red Flag Gun Seizures!

There are several reasons why we are urging you to publicly oppose this legislation. Please allow us to briefly state our objections to this bill.

First, this bill destroys the idea of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ by allowing someone’s Second Amendment right to be suspended and their firearms confiscated BEFORE they have been convicted in a court of law for a criminal offense!

The concept of innocent until proven guilty is sacrosanct in American jurisprudence. Allowing this bill to become law would upend that, and violate the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments in part or
in whole.

Second, the bill allows the states to utilize ex-parte hearings as a part of the process. As you undoubtedly know, this means that the gun owner in question would have no idea that his Second Amendment rights are on the line until the police are at his home with an order to confiscate his firearms.

This means that a gun owner would not be able to confront witnesses, examine the evidence brought against him, have the benefit of counsel present or any of the other due process protections that he is entitled to. Allowing this bill to become law would violate the 5th and 6th Amendments in part or in whole and would set a terrible precedent.

Third, this bill is clearly designed to be rapidly expanded to allow an ever growing number of people to petition the court to remove a person’s firearms. One of the witnesses in the hearing yesterday was already urging Congress to expand the list of people who can file these petitions to include all mental health staffers.

Another witness from yesterday’s hearing, Kimberly Wyatt, is actively pushing for legislation in Washington State to allow a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ order to be issued against minor children. Once the minor is subject to the seizure order, the police would disarm the minor’s parents! This bill would literally require a parent to surrender their firearms (while facing no charges) or be forced to have their children live elsewhere.

For these reasons, we would urge you to publicly oppose this bill.

Click here to sign the petition urging President Trump to OPPOSE Red Flag Gun Seizures!

America sat back and watched in disgust last fall as your Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, was maligned and falsely accused of rampant sexual impropriety. Thanks to his ability to recall dates and facts, legal representation, and the help of the FBI who could run an around-the-clock investigation into these claims, these allegations were seen for being the lies that they were.

If ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation passes, every gun owner in America would be vulnerable to losing a Constitutionally guaranteed right in the same manner! Only instead of their rights being attacked in public for all the world to see, as was the case for Justice Kavanaugh, a gun owner’s freedoms would be attacked in secret court proceedings that the gun owner would know nothing about.

As someone who has been repeatedly maligned by the press and many others, you know just how dangerous these allegations can be. Please don’t allow gun owners to be subjected to losing their freedoms and their firearms in this manner, especially as they have never been convicted in court of a crime.

Your mention of a veto on H.R. 8 has done much to galvanize Senate Republicans who are feeling heat from all sides to take action on that bill now that the House of Representatives passed it. We would ask that you do the same thing regarding S. 7, or any similar legislation.



Aaron Dorr, Executive Director, Iowa Gun Owners
Christopher Dorr, Executive Director, Ohio Gun Owners
Patrick Parsons, Executive Director, Georgia Gun Owners
Benjamin Dorr, Executive Director, Minnesota Gun Rights
Alexandra Salsman, Political Director, Missouri Firearms Coalition
David Ball, President, Wyoming Gun Owners
Jason Storms, Chairman, Wisconsin Firearms Coalition
Thomas Walker, Chairman, North Carolina Firearms Coalition
Greg Pruett, President, Idaho Second Amendment Alliance
Greg Pruett, Political Director, Washington Gun Rights

Please add your name to this open letter, calling on President Trump to OPPOSE ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ right away.

Click here to sign the petition urging President Trump to OPPOSE Red Flag Gun Seizures!


112 Thoughts on “Open Letter to President Trump”

  • Mr President Trump really needs to pay attention to this bill because the people will remember the way he deals with it.He could loose a lot of votes come 2020 and that wouldn’t be good for the country.If he allows the Democrats to push the Red Flag through it would be devastating not only to gun owners,but to the country as a whole.

    • Mrs president you sight a plenge on that your would veto any gun control laws or comon sense gun laws so I hope your true too your words

  • Mr. President,
    The NRA has sold out to the Washington Liberal Establishment and caused Republican Politicians who trust them to push S.7 through the House of Representatives. If you approve this Legislation, you will destroy the trust of God Fearing, Law Abiding Citizens who stand to lose their rights of “Innocent until proven guilty”. I trust that you will not sign, but veto this Socialist Legislation and retain the trust of American Patriots. Thank You.
    A Law abiding Citizen in Georgia

  • Thanks Mr President we hope you will fight for this as strong as you have fought for other freedoms the left wants to destroy. Bryan LeBlanc.

  • If you are trying to take away our gun rights making us into soft targets, you better be able to answer how the criminal element is going to be impacted by this crap legislation. You are going to turn me into a felon because I will not lay down while you steal my constitutional rights. I don’t know what’s happened to the group I once trusted so much, the NRA. Have they been infiltrated?

  • Please stand against this bill! Im so furious with the NRA to sell us out on such a terrible bill – this does NOT represent gun owners!

  • Mr. President, I ask you to Please Oppose Red Flag Gun Seisizures . I am 66 year’s old and my Gun Rights Mean So Much to me and Family . I Urge You to Please Oppose ! Thank You !

  • You have been the best President since Ronald Reagan! We LOVE what you’ve done for our country in spite of the opposition of all the swamp and beyond! PLEASE do the right thing and Oppose Red Flag Gun Seizures! That is a vastly scary slippery slope WE DO NOT WANT TO HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The “Red Flag” laws are a slippery slope that will eventually (When Dems get into office) ban people who have honest anxiety issues, temp depression, so on, that pose nobody a problem, yet, while they are prescribed medicine to help them through, and cope, will eventually fall under a Democrat seizure of their guns, and rights. You laugh, don’t ! It is as clear to 2nd amendment loving Americans, as eventual confiscation. Don’t buy the B.S. , it’s coming………..

  • This is not a dictatorship! A Constitutional Republic! Individual rights are to be PROTECTED! IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT LEAVE THE USA.

  • As a 4o year Life Member of the NRA I am thoroughly upset with the NRA and embarrassed that they abandon me. I am completely bewildered about the Republican support of the Red Flag law.

  • this is the point at which we could loose the Republic to those who would see it fall to ruins just for profit and power.

  • Protect gun owners rights to adhere to the constitution by not signing this bill if/when it reaches your desk.

  • Please oppose these Unconstitutional Red Flag Seizures. This isn’t what our Forefathers fought so valiantly for, just for the law abiding people of America to have to fight our own government.

  • Please Mr. President Trump, no more infringements on our Second Amendment Rights.
    If you be so kind, and inclined, full support of our Second Amendment Rights is dearly needed.

  • Shall not be infringed ! Please reject these red flag laws they do not stop criminals from getting guns .

    God Bless you!

  • Mr Trump please reconsider your position on red flag laws these laws are very dangerous to the peoples rights and are a direct violation of the 2nd, 4th, and 6th amendments and perhaps more.

  • We United States Veterans swore an oath “to uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic….”! That solemn oath will never expire as long as we breath. We are the first and last line of defense for freedom, but this bill will target every one of us and we will top the list as leftists try to destroy every last vestige of godliness and decency in this great republic. Stop this madness before all hell breaks loose, Mr President, Sir!

  • I am a retired USAF Viet Nam Vet. Every time there is a compromise in Congress the Constitution and our rights take a big hit. It really fires me up that these idiots think it okay for them to be protected by firearms yet I can’t protect myself and family with a firearm. Next will be knives.

  • In all good conscience, I cannot support this bill. There are too many ways it could backfire from good intentions and cause good, honest, and careful people to lose their weapons and their 2nd amendment rights. They will try to widen the definition of who can weigh in on the subject of a person’s mental health to the point where many legal gun owners will end up losing their guns in a legal gun grab. Please do not sign this bill if it passes through Congress.

  • Everyone is entitled to due process! In no way should any American be striped of their right to keep and bear arms by a meer accusation with no merit!

  • NO RED FLAG laws Zero gun control or restrictions. Want to fix violence’s punish Criminals not law abiding citizen’s.

  • Dear Mr. President,

    Please oppose Red Flag Gun Seizures. We have no desire to move a step closer to a police state and total government control that the Democrats obviously crave. Due process of law is the backbone of our society.

    Keep up the good fight. Thank you,



  • I am reminding you that you promised to also protect the 2nd Amendment. You had several registered gun owners at a lot of your rallies and they even helped Secret Service out. Veto any legislation that would take guns out law abiding citizens hands.

  • Don’t let them take our guns away. They will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands. If that happens its on you !!!

  • Mr. President,
    If this bill comes across your desk, please “Veto” it & any other such Bills!

    I voted for you in 2016 & I will vote for you again in 2020!
    Keep up all of your Good Work!
    Build that Wall!!

  • Dear Mr. Trump,
    Please oppose the Red Flag Gun Seizures. This is a total unfair law, very gun owner in America would be vulnerable to losing a Constitutionally guaranteed right. You must protect the American citizens. This is a communistic, socialist tactic that has no place in America, the home of the free and the home of the brave.
    Thank you for your PROTECTION AND SUPPORT OF our constitutional rights.

  • That rate was given to us to protect ourselves from runaway Government. Are forefathers had the insight to know that government made of men fully capable of evil and in the event that power overcome our government and it ran away a runaway government that the people shall be armed in order to protect themselves from that government we deserve the right to protect ourselves and keep our guns. If they can have legal marijuana when it’s federal illegal we can have our guns.

  • Please leave our guns alone. This bill is NOT the answer to stop mass shootings. Please don’t limit our 2nd amendment rights as guaranteed by the constitution of the Untied States.

  • Red Flag Law is an open ticket to skirt what’s left of the 2nd amendment. If true NRA backs this law, they’ve lost an annual donor and a life member….and I’m sure i’ll find others to do the same

  • Please leave our guns alone, our lives our constitution alone. We obey the laws, the time has come to vote you people out of office. Starting with Grassley and Ernst. Are also going to take guns from MS 13, the bloods and crips? Will this also include you and the entire congress just to make it fair. The 2nd amendment was provided to in order to protect us from an unruly government, not from cowboys and indians. Think of all our nation went through and the lives and families lost. Who in the hell gave you the damn right to do this, foe we did not. Lets just see if you people have the hair on your ass to defend the Constitution of the United States of America for which it stands.

  • Drive bys don’t have anything to do with law abiding Americans, robberies have nothing to do with law abiding Americans, mass shootings with bump stocks have nothing to do with law abiding Americans, except they’re used as a negative statistic against guns and opposing the rights of… law abiding Americans.

  • This is a direct violation of my rights . This steals my 2nd Amendment rights and should not be allowed to pass. please stand up for the gun owners Mr. President . My father fought and died for these rights. Please stand with the real Americans. These people are picking on decent gun owners while the criminals have no problem getting guns illegally. This is pure Nazism and can not be tolerated in the USA.

  • As an American Citizen I am sick and tired of the Democratic Party of the United States of America, Citizens, ( including now some Republicans )and Retail Companies along with eccentric billionaires violating my constitutional rights with their Bigoted, Hoplophobic, Discriminatory comments and actions destroying every fiber of my right to the pursuit of happiness and self defense. They need to be taken to Federal Court and sanctioned for their actions just like any other employer or employee and removed from office for the vile comments that continue to spew out of their mouths every day. Its time Gun Owners became part of the protected class so that our rights can be protected. They cannot solve crime so, they release criminals from jail, do not go after illegal immigrants, and have decided to turn on American Citizens. When is this going to stop?
    You people blow so much smoke its impossible to do your job, which is to do the business of the American People instead of the Monkey Business you all prefer. Waste of my Tax Money. Stop the Red Flag Seizers.

  • Tell Nancy Pelosi and all her Left wing dumb People above, Forrest Gump always said Stupid IS stupid does.
    Just because they are made of dirt doesn’t gave them the right to speak.

  • Please take a stand against this Red Flag Gun Seizure bill. The authorities can take guns away from law abiding citizens if someone knows you have guns and don’t like you complains. No investigation no trial take your guns.

  • Please, this bill is unconstitutional. How can authority’s seize our weapons just on speculation.

    Please stop this bill.


  • As a long time gun owner and a USCG retiree with Small Arms Instructor qualifications I heartily OPPOSE these so called Red Flag Seizures. Not one of my weapons has ever killed anyone nor will they.

  • To all of you up on the hill in Washington D.C . If ain’t broke don’t fix it. Our Constitution which was build upon Charter, being honish, Integrity, etc. In the bible its talked about Left and right side. Those on the left are call goates, and those on right side are called sheeps, you should look at them very closely. Now who are you. Left or right Mt 25: 32–46.

  • We oppose the “Red Flag Gun Seizure Bill.”
    If it would land on your desk Veto it. Thank you.
    We believe in the Second Ammemdment.

  • Since when is the Constitution negotiable? Is this what the “Art of the Deal” is about?

    We will NEVER surrender our weapons, regardless how many freedoms are illegally surrendered by our supposed “allies”. NEVER.

  • I do not support this Red Flag Seizure Bill nor any politician who does support it. It appears much too broad and is moving too fast. This is just another gun grab by the democrat party! Please reject it Mr President.

  • The right to keep nd bear arms shall not be infringed and no one has a right to infringe now. I called the NRA and was informed the NRA does not support this bill or any other anti gun legislation. I will call NRA again and I want to know where this stupid information is coming from.

  • the 2nd amendment was put there to keep just this Red Flag idea from happening. Please Mr. President, Veto this bill if and when it comes to your desk.

  • This proposal is not needed. Law already exists to temporarily detain persons that may be dangerous to selves and or others; check out “The Baker Act”.
    What is more important, is the fact as follows; if a person is to dangerous to possess a firearm, that person is to dangerous to be walking the streets.”
    ERPO’s do nothing to remove “targeted” persons from society, and therefore can not justify passage – period.

  • Mr. President,
    Please stop the Red Flag Gun Seizure bill! It is unconstitutional!
    I have a constitutional right to own my guns!
    Dodie & Bob Klenk

  • The Red Lag law is unconstitutional. The 2nd Amendment “will not be infringed”. A Red Flagged citizen is guilty without due process. Legally owned firearms are confiscated by force with no compensation. Ever getting them back historically won’t happen. As an Army Vet I took a life-long vow to protect the U. S. and the Constitution from its enemies both without and within. This attack is from within. I will always honor that sacred vow. I believe you took a similar vow when you were sworn in as President. LtCol Oliver L. North, President of NRA, certainly took it when he joined the Marines. I am a life member of NRA but I will never support it again. I’m ashamed to say NRA has given you bad advice. The NRA has betrayed America including all vets and retired military. They will be in great danger, especially those accused as dangerous due to service related PTSD. And having lost self protection by being Red Flagged, their families will be in great danger. It is already happening. States are passing it. One Red Flagged home owner has already been shot and killed at his front door by police showing up to take his firearms. You know this will only get much worse. President Trump, I voted for you. Please oppose the Red Flag law even though you endorsed it at first. It is very bad.

  • Mr President…the Red Flag Law is a ruse to allow Dem/Commies to report Conservatives for any lie they want to make up & have OUR firearms TAKEN AWAY with no due process…a clear infringement of OUR 2nd Amendment right!…plz veto!

  • …if they do away with the 2A,then “ALL” the others will fall like domino’s,PLEASE VETO “RED FLAG”…i really dont want to live in a socialist country!!!…..i hope you get to read all of these comments….THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  • Please President Trump veto this bill if it goes through. Thank you for all you do for us everyday.TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Mr. President, Please stand with us to protect our second amendment rights. This is a direct violation of my rights . This steals my 2nd Amendment rights and should not be allowed to pass. please stand up for the gun owners Mr. President . My father and husband fought for these rights to remain in place for me future generations of my family and others.

  • Please, this bill is unconstitutional. How can authority’s seize our weapons just on speculation.
    Please stop this bill.

  • I don’t agree with changing the United States constitution. The Democrats are trying to dismantle it. I strongly believe in our 2nd amendment. I strongly believe in due process. If the Dems win this one, we are surely going to lose our rights to bear arms.

  • Please do not sign any ERPO or RED flag law. It is an invitation to be criminalized and having to prove your innocence. You sir should understand that after the smear job we all just went through on Russian collusion. Thank you.

  • Dear Mr. president, if you follow through and allow this red flag bill to be able to be passed I will be extremely disappointed in you! one of the best things about you is that you believe in our constitution not just the right to bear arms but the right of freedom of speech that is one of the best things I like about you! you don’t read from a letter or somebody else’s paper, you speak what is in your heart and in your mind so don’t let us down and sign any kind of bill that will take guns from law-abiding citizens! They have the right to protect what is their‘s and their families and we do not deserve to have our gun rights taken from us, so please follow our Constitution and we will follow you into the next president Election but if you let us down I personally will not vote for you and I’m sure there are 1 million others that will feel the exact same way you gave us your word now follow through with it thank you sir

  • Please Mr President, veto the red flag bill. It seems like we have to fight so hard to keep our constitutional rights anymore, but I will, shall not be infringed. Others have forgotten who they work for, and that they took an oath to up hold the constitution. Thank you

  • Please Veto this bill ….We don’t want a red
    flag law* Thank you Mr.President Trump

  • Dear President Trump,

    We The People of the United States remind you with all respect, to honor your oath to uphold, protect, defend the Constitution of the United States of America, our supreme law of the land, and veto this bill if it should get to you. Red flag gun laws are a flagrant violation of due process, and would create great division throughout our land in an echo of the rise of the Third Reich, who got the people to undermine each other by snitching and wielding the power of state against each other. That must never happen here! It is vitally important that you stand up for our Constitution you pledged to uphold. Nothing less! May God bless us all, and bless you and yours, in grace, peace, wisdom, and power.

  • The 2nd amendment was put there to keep just this Red Flag idea from happening. Please Mr. President, Veto this bill if and when it comes to your desk.
    Thank you.

  • Were losing our Constitution a little at a time. This is how the left plays the game in their push for socialism. Until recently they have been very patient, I wonder what they are up to?

  • Thank you for being a Patriot and upholding our Constitution, I have faith that as the Patriot, we the people voted into office…You will uphold the Constitution in it’s entirety. Thank you President Trump ! Trump 2020!!

  • Mr President please help us save our 2nd amendment rights..The red flag laws are just wrong for our constitution and we can’t let our constitution be infringed upon.I pray your do the right thing and veto this bill.The NRA is wrong for supporting the red flag bill and I believe they are letting its members down in doing so. Thank you Mr President MAGA

  • Please stop the red flag President Trump please stop these new gun laws they’re trying to put out there thank you mr. President for doing that

  • Please President Trump veto this bill if it ever comes to your desk. This is a simple way for gun grabbers to lie to the courts to have someone’s weapons taken away.

  • Mr. President,
    If the “RED FLAG” comes before you, please VETO it… This law only makes law abiding 2nd Amendment owners criminals.. This country has “Due Process”.. This law makes us guilty till proven innocent… If this law is passed, WE WILL NOT COMPLY… Blood will be on your hands…

  • Please veto any gun every laws.
    Will be slavery or death just like Hitler did

  • Mr. President,

    Sir you are being sold a bill of goods while organizations like the NRA sellout their members. You were elected because you heard the voice of conservative voters who have been labeled as racists, bigots, homophobes, and xenophobes by Liberals, Democrats, and those who hate America or are trying to destroy our great Republic. Now once again conservatives and law abiding gun owners whether Republican or Democrat are under attack by the hardline Left to take away a constitutional right to keep and bear arms in the form of “Red Flag” laws.

    This is a very critical juncture in your presidency Mr. President. You are about 1.5 years away from the election cycle. Alienate your base and you guarantee a Democratic victory. Alienate your base by signing this and you will open the door to unlawful seizures based on hearsay. I am 58 years old and have seen many presidents. Some good, some not so good. I like many others were excited when you were elected to the White House. A new sense of hope for this great country was seen and a president unlike any others heard the voice of “we the people”. Hear our voices again Mr. President as we urge you not to sign this legislation that does two things.

    First it will take away the rights of everyday Americans to keep and bear arms without due process. Number two it will become a new form of gun control against the wrong people, the law abiding gun owner. “We the people” urge you to once again hear our voice and not sign this terrible one sided legislation.

  • all it takes for evil to win is good men to do nothing. red flag laws of any kind are completely unconstitutional! the violate my or anyone’s right to due process. your going to see folk that have no problems but people that dont like them will say that a threat was made, the cops will come take the guns. President Trump, if you allow this to happen YOU WILL LOSE A MAJOR portion of YOUR SUPPORTERS. As a law abiding citizen, as a father, as a disabled Veteran, as a gun owner, do not do this sir.

    Bryce D. Smith

  • Mr. President sir, Please refrain from this diabolical 2nd amendment infringement, this goes against the oath you and all representatives took to protect our Constitutional rights! This is a direct attack against the good citizens of this great nation, this it completely and utterly wrong in every way sir. Think this through, we are begging you do not make this mistake.


    Richard S. Kucken AZ

  • I am not in agreement with any Red Flag legislation giving the government more control of my 2nd Amendment constitutional rites. Please do not allow or support this red Flag legislation become law. Many members of your base of supporters disagree with any further limitation to gun ownership. If you support this legislation, I fear you may lose many votes which would be catastrophic for our country. We need you as President and you have done a great job Making America Great Again so far. Please do not support this legislation.

  • Historically, the US Government fails when they attempt to regulate anything. Red flag laws will not make illegal guns magically disappear. This will only disarm law abiding citizens who would protect others.

  • Please veto any type of red flag law that will infringe on our 2nd amendment rights.
    Also veto any type of funding that is to do with Red Flag laws for the individual States.

  • Please dont sign this red flag bill President Trump. There is no due process at all. There is “No Bill” to legislate morality. It will only harm law abiding citizens. TRUMP 2020 thank you for all you have done for the “real Americans”

  • Mr. President,
    When you took the office of President you swore a oath to protect the constitution yet i have seen videos of you saying you are for taking away a persons guns first and then go through the court process. Sir you can not have it both ways.You sir of all people know what these far left tyrannical nut cases are capable of and how unrelenting the are. How in the world is disarming law abiding gun owners and denying them the right to defend themselves or other citizens going to make things safer? buy taking away the right to self preservation, the only thing that is going to happen for sure is a higher body count for innocent people. With all the good things you have accomplished for this country, please don’t blow it with knee jerk reactions to recent events or by taking any advice from the NRA who like the democrats sold out years ago. Thank you.

  • I spent 21+ years in the US Army. I will Die defending the Constitution… Do you want my blood on your hands? There is already too much blood being drained from innocent American who simply need to learn how to defend themselves but gun laws… Laws are part of the problem…

    To fix this we need education, training and allowing the people to remove the scurge of criminals from their streets…

    I will die to defend my right and take out anyone who is a traitor to the Constitution!!! PERIOD

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