Dear Fellow Patriot,

The Tuesday morning Judiciary Committee hearing over ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation in Washington, D.C. was nothing short of a sham.

Every single witness testified in support of the bill.

Even worse, not a single US Senator stood up for gun owners in opposition to this Constitution-shredding legislation!

Of course, with the National Rifle Association fully behind this legislation, it’s not a surprise that moderate Republicans on the committee are refusing to fight for gun owners!

And while this was just a hearing with no vote being taken, it’s clear that this bill is being primed to sail through the Senate at some point.

Many gun owners are asking us whether or not President Trump would sign this legislation into law.

Here’s what we know.

President Trump has expressed support for this legislation based on the recommendation of the NRA, just like he did when the NRA told him it was ok to ban bump stocks and pass Senator Feinstein’s FIX-NICS legislation last year.

The political advice that President Trump is receiving from the NRA is as bad as their policy advice, as gun owners from Portland to Tallahassee are abandoning the NRA after yet another sell out.

And if President Trump understands this, he may quickly realize that this bill is bad for America and bad for his Presidency.

That’s why the American Firearms Coalition has been working with state level gun rights organizations around the country over the past 48 hours, urging them to sign onto our open letter to President Trump!

You can see the letter for yourself, right here.

As you just saw, we already have ten state gun groups who have signed onto this open letter, representing over a million gun owners in total!

But we are hoping that you will add your name to this growing list of gun owners who are adamantly opposed to ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ by signing your petition below!

You see, the NRA and Senate Republicans don’t want ‘regular’ gun owners like you telling them what to do.

They think that gun owners exist to supply them with donations and votes, but that we have to leave the policy decisions to them.

We don’t believe that at the American Firearms Coalition!

We believe that lawmakers work for the people that sent them there! If you agree with us, and you are disgusted with Red Flag Gun Seizure legislation, then add your name to our open letter to President Trump!

As you saw in the letter to the President, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation violates the 2nd, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution — and would destroy the American ideal of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’

But with the NRA and Senate Republicans backing this bill, it’s up to grassroots gun owners to stop this legislation in its tracks.

Your signed petition is a big part of that.

But I hope you’ll help us keep up the pressure on the U.S. Senate by joining up as a member of the American Firearms Coalition if you haven’t already done so.

>>> Click HERE to Join the American Firearms Coalition <<<

After you’ve signed your petition and joined up with AFC, please help spread the word by taking our open letter to President Trump and sharing it with your friends and family on email and social media.

Thank you for standing with us!

— The American Firearms Coalition

P.S. The NRA-backed ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation (S. 7) was heard in the Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C. earlier this week.

Every witness testified in support of the bill, and not a single Senator stood up and fought for gun owners.

That’s why AFC is trying to get as many gun owners as possible to sign our open letter to President Trump, calling on him to publicly oppose the bill and to veto it if it lands on his desk!

Click here to see our open letter to the President.

Click here to add your name to this letter today!

Once you’ve done that, click here to become a member of the American Firearms Coalition.

14 Thoughts on “Tell President Trump to Oppose Red Flag Gun Seizures!”

  • Mr President, we as Americans have Total Confidence
    In you to oppose the Red Flag Gun Laws.
    If this gets passed we will be like Every Other Country
    That is in Deep Trouble.
    That’s what Makes America Great!
    Registration is understandable but I’m not really for it.
    Build the Wall!! Build the Wall!

  • This is not good for the bad elements coming into this this Country!!!
    Please oppose this for the sake of our law biding citizens!!!
    For they are the ones that help keep this Country & families safe from predators!!!

  • Mr President I’m a registered republican and a conservative one too. I voted for you in 2016 I’m saying to you now that if you agree and sign this 2ed amendment shredding bill into law I won’t be able to vote for you in 2020 . Because you will have lost my trust that you are truly for the American citizen . So please don’t let me down sir .
    Kevin Mccoy

  • Your Democratic opponents can’t wait to sink their teeth into red flag laws, which will allow anyone with a grudge (or anyone at all) to strip gun ownership rights from honest people before any due process if followed. President Trump, if you are against the Dems, and for 2A, why do you back things like this (and like bump stock opposition)? This isn’t a case of compromise. This is a case of losing now, as rights get eroded bit by bit. Piece by piece. Why would you want to give anything to the Democrats?

  • These red flag laws are nothing more than a way to circumvent the constitution of the United States. All of them need to be overturned. Take the guns but leave the car,knives, and hammers.Do you see the lunacy???

  • Our Constitution is getting torn apart and it seems Congress is allowed to do what ever they want. You need to Stop Red Flag Gun Seizure. It is very discouraging that The American people are not being represented at all.
    Godfrey Aukai Aiona

  • Dear Mr President
    I SINCERELY hope that you would NEVER sign the Red Flag Gun Seizure bill! As our President, we look to you to uphold the constitution and as a gun owner, our 2nd amendment rights! We all know that guns are NOT the real issue, disarming law abiding citizens is. If we are to go to that length, Airplanes should be banned, as they caused more damage than any mere gun!
    Sadly we have lost SO many rights, please don’t take away our right to hunt, to protect our families and defend our homes. I urge you Please Mr President, do not sign this bill. I was a lifetime NRA member until they sold us out. I am planning on voting for you in 2020, buy should you sign thisI will have to reconsider. Thank You Sir.-Dayna & Willie Roberts

  • Dear Mr. President,

    As a single mother, who has also been a victim of violence in the past, I am begging you to stop the Red Flag Gun Laws.
    As it is currently written, this law can be used by perps who use our own justice system against their victims by getting orders against people frivolously, out of spite, without any evidence what-so-ever. If this happens, which I have seen personally be done with false harassment orders, then a person could be left without the means to protect his/herself and children. It is proving more and more that law-abiding citizens are being restricted and forced to be guilty until proven innocent. Until the system is fixed, we need to vote no and focus on the mental health issues that are riddling our country. This is the true cause for the violence in America today. Please vote no so I have a legal way to protect my children and myself.
    Thank you,

  • As an old soldier who has seen much, I shudder at the direction our current crop of politicians are moving in regards to our constitutional rights. Primarily I fear for the loss of the Second Amendment and the right of self defense for my children and grandchildren. Only President Trump has the ability and opportunity to to halt this mass attack on our natural and enumerated rights. I hope and pray that his position as stated in the article in the Washington Post. September 18, 2015 By Katie Zezima is his true position on this visceral and divisive issue. Please sir remain faithful to the Second Amendment as written.
    Glenn Smith

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