Gun Owners Are Outraged!

Gun owners across the country are angry! As more gun owners find out about the NRA’s open support for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, grassroots gun owners are abandoning the organization in droves. And that’s why the American Firearms Coalition was on hand in Indianapolis last weekend, to educate as many gun owners as possible about the dangers of this legislation — and of the NRA’s support for it. Of course, this is far from the first time that the NRA’s top brass have stabbed gun owners in the back! In fact, in just the last two years, the NRA […]

It’s Crazy Here in Indianapolis!

Thanks to AFC supporters like you, the word is getting out here in Indianapolis about the NRA’s open support of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation! AFC volunteers have been here in Indianapolis all weekend working to expose the NRA’s betrayal, so that gun owners have the facts — and to make sure President Trump knows that the NRA does not speak for all gun owners! We’ve been doing live updates all weekend via Facebook live, reaching hundreds of thousands of gun owners. We have already passed out over 15,000 flyers to rank and file gun owners detailing the NRA’s past […]

Plane in the Sky — President Trump Can’t Miss It!

Indianapolis, Indiana — In case you missed our email from earlier today, you might not know that the American Firearms Coalition is hammering away at NRA top brass right now in Indianapolis. We’re sick of the NRA’s support of FIX-NICS. We’re sick of the NRA’s support for banning bump stocks. We’re sick of the NRA’s support of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation. And we’re sick of the NRA misleading President Trump, telling him that supporting gun control bills like this won’t affect him next Fall! And that’s why the AFC has a plane in the sky right now, 1000 feet […]

On the Ground in Indianapolis! Stop Red Flags!

Indianapolis, Indiana — Enough is enough. Gun owners across the country were frustrated when not a single consequential pro-gun bill passed through Congress during two years of Republican control after President Trump’s inauguration. They grew irate when the NRA-backed Senator Dianne Feinstein’s FIX-NICS legislation, a dreadful bill that is disarming gun owners who haven’t been convicted of a crime. When the NRA came out in favor of banning bump-stocks, which just set us up for losing more accessories down the road, gun owners simply couldn’t believe it! But it was the NRA’s open and public support for ‘Red Flag Gun […]

NRA Exposed: The Truth Must Be Told

Over the last eighteen months, the NRA has backed three separate gun controls at the federal level — “FIX NICS”, Bump Stock Ban, and now dangerous “Red Flag Gun Seizures”. Needless to say, this is not what gun owners voted for when they kicked Hillary Clinton to the curb and elected Donald Trump in 2016. It’s past time these NRA betrayals are revealed to Second Amendment supporters across the country. That’s why the team here at the American Firearms Coalition (AFC) is traveling to the NRA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana at the end of this week. The NRA knows we’re […]