Dear Fellow Patriot:

Despite massive opposition to “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation from grassroots Second Amendment supporters across the country, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham continues pushing forward.

Just days after the recent “Red Flag” hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, news broke that Graham has teamed up with radical anti-gun Senator Dick Blumenthal of Connecticut to craft a new piece of legislation.

Here’s the headline:

“Lindsey Graham Is Writing A Bill To Take Guns Away From People Deemed Dangerous”

Left-wing Democrat Senator Chris Coons of Delaware said he’s stunned Republicans like Graham are pushing “Red Flag Gun Seizures.”

“You would think in this environment that would be something nobody would want to talk about in the other party.”

Unfortunately, Graham isn’t just any U.S. Senator.

He’s chairman of the very powerful Judiciary Committee and seems hell-bent on ramming “Red Flag Gun Seizures” into law.

Capitol sources tell the American Firearms Coalition that Graham could be working to craft legislation that would bribe the states to pass draconian “Red Flag” legislation in exchange for tens of millions of federal dollars as a reward.

Sound familiar?  It should — this push for “Red Flag” legislation is only happening with the blessing of the National Rifle Association.

What we’re seeing Graham put together is the same type of scheme the NRA has supported in the past with “NICS” expansion, paying the states huge amounts of money to send names of gun owners to the feds which are then promptly placed into anti-gun databases.

Second Amendment supporters must double down and get tough opposing any form of “Red Flag” legislation coming out of the U.S. Senate.

Because if anything gets out of the Senate, it will sail through Pelosi’s House and onto the President.

Please click here and sign our Petition to President Trump to publicly OPPOSE and promise to VETO “Red Flag Gun Seizures” legislation.

We’ve set a goal of delivering 100,000 petitions to President Trump in the coming weeks, and with the news of Graham pushing forward, it’s vital we speed up that process.

Please sign your petition and get your friends and family to do so as well.

With NRA lobbyists swarming Capitol Hill and working alongside powerful Senators like Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, our battle to stop Bloomberg’s anti-gun agenda is that much harder.

That’s why we’re asking you to take action now by signing your petition and becoming a member of the American Firearms Coalition.

Grassroots gun owners like you are the last line of defense in stopping “Red Flag Gun Seizures” from becoming law across the entire country.

Thank you for taking action!

— American Firearms Coalition

P.S. Click here to see our open letter to the President.

Click here to add your name to this letter today!

Once you’ve done that, click here to become a member of the American Firearms Coalition.

9 Thoughts on “‘Red Flag’ Legislation Moving Fast in DC”

  • What, wait, do we not have to abide by the constitution and the second amendmen??? . How can they just pass a law and disregard our rights

  • I’m from Northern Minnesota. We have more than enough gun laws. There’s no need for anymore! Please VETO any new laws or restrictions on our Second Amendment Rights. Thank You, Mr. President!!
    You had our vote and will again in 2020! Keep up the great work! We need MN RED!!!!!

  • why wouldnt it move fast, Bloomberg gave Graham $250,000 dollars and probably a few others to make it happen. all should be arrested for bribery and treason to the people of this Country!

  • Remember Trump says take their guns FIRST and then do due process. Fourth Amendment folks…..that’s bass ackwards! You must not think Trump isn’t pushing this.

  • Don’t these people realize that any law that contradicts the Constitution isn’t a law at all …eventually Americans are going to get fed up and they’re going to strap there balls on and pick up their right to bear arms and they’re going to use it… this right was written to protect us from this exact tyranny that is happening…so pretty much if we use our right there should be no repercussions because it is truly tyranny…. wake up Americans

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