Dear Fellow Patriot,

Today, the Board of the American Firearms Coalition will have talks with White House legislative staff urging President Trump to OPPOSE all forms of dangerous “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation.

Our message to the White House is the same message we’ve communicated with our supporters in all 50 states — “Red Flag Gun Seizures” are attacks on Second Amendment rights of Americans, violate Fourth Amendment rights to due process, and are being pushed and cheered on by Michael Bloomberg lobbyists and left-wing politicians across the country.

We will make the case that gun owners DO NOT want to be “Kavanaughed”, where we’re guilty until we can prove our own innocence.

This meeting is in preparation for the delivery of 100,000 petitions to the White House from the members and supporters of the American Firearms Coalition urging the President to publicly OPPOSE and promise to VETO “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation.

As of this morning, we’ve collected 76,335 petitions.

While we’re barreling toward 100,000, we need your help to get us there.

Click here or below to sign your Petition to President Trump!

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After you’ve done that, please take the petition link ( and forward it to your family and friends on email and social media.

We can win this battle to stop “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation in Washington, DC.

But we must keep up a sustained level of pressure on Capitol Hill and the White House.

You saw us at the NRA Convention two weekends ago flying our “Stop Red Flags” plane, driving our truck around the convention, passing out flyers to the 80,000 attendees, sending out emails and producing LIVE social media shows mobilizing gun owners against “Red Flags”.

All told, over 500,000 gun owners were alerted to this issue over those three days.

We must keep up that level of political heat on social media, email, and direct mail throughout this battle.

After you sign your petition, please click here and make a contribution to help the American Firearms Coalition keep up the fight.

Thank you again for your grassroots activism and generous financial support!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest developments from Washington, DC.

— The American Firearms Coalition

P.S. First, sign your petition against this legislation.  When you’re done, share it with all of your friends.

Second, take a moment to ‘Like’ us on Facebook.  Things happen fast in politics, and our Facebook page is where we can communicate with you in real time.

Third, become a member of the American Firearms Coalition today!  We are building a massive, grassroots organization that will take no prisoners. Stand with us!

7 Thoughts on “White House Talks on “Red Flags” Today”

  • Remove it and place it with a Federal open carry or a conceal policy through all 50 states that way no one will have to try to figure out what gun laws they’re breaking while toting a gun in their car on their person make it simple.

  • If the NRA comes up make sure to liken them to a Republican in congress. Technically on the right side, but always willing to sacrifice their ideals to the swamp.

  • How many law abiding firearm owners can afford to retain an attorney to represent them against the accusers ” free government lawyer?” I’d have no choice but to give in. Since it’s not a crime I wouldn’t qualify for a court appointed lawyer.

    • I am also a member of USCCA. They provide second amendment attorneys and more for a low monthly cost. Check them out. They are more educational non political.

  • First of all what stops a person from saying they sold their firearms or if the stash they. Second who is going to go to Chicago to take all the weapons from all the gangs. Why can’t people use common sense on this. Sorry legitimate gun owner you can’t have your guns anymore because you hurt someone’s feelings but this gang banger can have his cause he needs to sell his illegal drugs.

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