Washington, DC — After a long August recess, Congress is back in session in Washington, DC, and they’re ready to ram gun control down our throats.

Later today at 2:00 PM EST, anti-gun Democrat Jerry Nadler of New York will hold hearings on at least three gun control bills in the House Judiciary Committee.

As Chairman of the committee, Nadler can bring up whatever bills he wants, and with Nancy Pelosi’s blessing the following bills will be heard today.

H.R. 1236 — “Red Flag” Gun Seizure legislation

H.R. 1186 — Nationwide Mag Ban

H.R. 2708 — Lifetime firearm possession ban for misdemeanor crimes

Please take just a few moments right now to call your Congressman and INSIST they oppose all three pieces of legislation, and any gun control that may come up for a vote in the House.

Call Your Congressman >>> 202-225-3121

The anti-gun hearings in the House Judiciary Committee are just a precursor to what we will see in both the House and Senate chambers in the coming weeks.

While Pelosi and Nadler likely have the votes to pass much of what they want in the House, the major showdown fights are likely to develop over in the Senate, where it takes 60 votes to break a filibuster and pass gun control legislation.

Even though Republicans hold 53 seats and the Senate Majority Leader is Republican Mitch McConnell, there are at least a couple of dozen weak-kneed Republicans who will vote for gun control if Second Amendment supporters don’t push back in a major way.

So after you’ve made your call over to your Congressman, please call your Senators at once, and insist they OPPOSE dangerous “Red Flag” Gun Seizures and any other form of gun control they could be asked to vote on.

Call Your Senators >>> 202-224-3121

Likely the most important voice in this gun control debate is President Trump himself.

While Capitol sources indicate the President may not have the votes for some of his initial gun control suggestions in the days after Odessa and Dayton, we simply cannot let up.

We can’t let the ball get rolling on “Red Flags.”

We can’t let the slippery slope get started now, because we know if they “do something” in the next few weeks, they’ll take more the next time.

So please keep the heat on the President by signing your “Stop Red Flags” petition below.

Sign your petition to President Trump NOW, telling him to STOP ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ before it’s too late!

As we will see in the House today, we expect multiple pushes for gun control on a number of fronts.

As of this moment, this fight is a moving target, so gun owners must keep up sustained pressure to stop it.

Patrick, we also desperately need your financial support to boost our social media, email, radio ads and direct mail programs to full speed.

The ONLY way we are going to stop this attack is by flooding the White House and Congressional inboxes and phone lines with grassroots opposition.  And to do that, we simply must have your support.

If you can afford a major contribution of $250 or $500, please know that we need it now.

But if that’s too much, please consider $100, $50 or at least $25 or $10 right away!

Whatever you can afford will be very appreciated and put right to the fight in D.C.!  Please take action NOW!

— The American Firearms Coalition

P.S. With Congress back in session in DC, buckle up for a wild gun control push from the anti-gunners in the House and Senate over the next few weeks.

It’s vital we keep up sustained grassroots heat and stop anti-gun bills wherever they pop up.

Please sign your petition to President Trump right away opposing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ by clicking this link or on the image below!

When you’re done, please consider an EMERGENCY contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50 or $25 to help us mobilize gun owners in opposition to this disastrous legislation!

Not a member? Join HERE.

32 Thoughts on “TAKE ACTION: Gun Control Hearing TODAY!”

  • Leave the 2nd amendment alone! Law abiding citizens with guns aren’t the problem ! People with mental health issues are the problem. Bad people will always get guns! The red flag gun seizure lets anyone accuse someone of being a threat even if they aren’t! Don’t do it!

  • More laws are not going to do we have enough already start enforcing the old laws and maybe you’ll see a change no more new laws

  • Please oppose red flag laws and any laws that infringe upon law abiding gun owners and the 2nd admendment. I will looking for you decisions.

  • A good guy who has taken the time to fill out paperwork and gone through the background checks and taken the classes to carry a gun is not the enemy. They are the best defense against a madman running amok hellbent on causing harm. When I got my gun license in the 80’s, I was told during one of the classes that if I had a gun, and an officer was in danger, not only should I help the officer, but I was legally obliged to do so. Please do not do anything to infringe on the rights of the good guys.

  • All federal firearms laws are illegal and unConstitutional.
    Red Flag laws will lead to a socialist nation because of the guilty until innocence attitude, due process of American court system.
    Second Amendment was not written to have citizens firearms removed from them because some shooter decided to shoot up a night club, or church. Our Second Amendment was written to keep our federal government from writing laws like the “Red Flag Law”.
    America does have a problem but, it is with children on medication, children not disciplined at home. If children are disciplined at home, the child calls DCFS and gets the parents in trouble. Government has taken over the disciplining of children in the homes and in our schools.
    Then there is the giving children drugs because teachers can’t discipline students.

  • The nations Constitution was not intended to be pulled apart over public openion. It is to protect openion but stand in stone for future preservation of our nations gatenteed right to exist against openions and all else which exists to insure self preseversation including individual beliefs.

  • This liberal agenda is anti-Constitutional. These lawmakers must be stopped. They shouldn’t be threatening law abiding Americans Rights; They should be reforming the criminal justice system. The system, and democracy is broken.

  • I oppose the Red flag gun seizures. Slowly affecting the 2nd ammendment. Please direct the control on the criminals which most of the time stem from drugs. Continue to build the wall.

  • I will vote against any representative that supports gun control! I will go door to door campaigning against them!! If they will go against THIS right, they will go against OTHERS!!! It IS a slippery slope!!!

  • Please stop all red flag gun laws! We the American people should not be punished for the planned shootings and staged by the Deep State in an effort to disarm us! We have a Constitution that gives us this invaluable right that should not be infringed! Please Pres. Trump, do not pass anymore gun laws that continually whittle away at the 2A, and eventually will end with gun confiscation! This is not the time of Hitler, but we do remember what happened to the Jews after they were disarmed! No infringements in our Second Amendment!!

  • The Red Flag law if granted would be a wide spread mess. Just like every law put into place it would be way over used and used unfairly. This can not be made a law. Trump should not approve this he will be risking his re election.

  • Anymore gun control measures that infringe upon our Constitution Second Amendment will not be tolerated by WE THE PEOPLE. IF THE DEMOCRATS WANT A CIVIL WAR THEY WILL GET ONE. OUR PRESIDENT SHOULD TELL ALL POLITICIANS WE ARE TIRED OF THE CORRUPTION AND WILL TOLERATE NO MORE.

  • this is just another attempt to get around the 2nd amendment if they win here what will it be next time democrats are trying to eat away at our rights. we have to stop them somehow

  • No red flag laws. They will be abused by anyone who wants to call in a complaint. Then innocent people have to prove there is nothing wrong with them. So again, only wealthy people could fight these accusations. No due process.

  • Any law or bill passed that is repugnant to the constitution is null and void as the constitution is supreme law of the land Maybury vs Madison! The constitution was put in place so that a tyrannical government such as Pelosi and her cronies can not over power the people! End of story! Not even open for debates or but! Any politician trying to infringe on our rights will be voted out of office!

  • No red flag this happens I promise I’ll vote them out . These laws won’t do anything to stop mass shootings these Democrats are idiots .

  • You have enough gun laws as is. No ban on AR-15’s or high capacity magazines. I also say no Red Flagg Laws. Law Abiding Citizens have a rightist to protect themselves. I do not have a problem with background checks.

  • We have enough gun laws now enforce the words we have . It’s the crazies out there that is the problem not the gun do something about them


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