Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Dear Second Amendment Supporter, Even with Democrats making moves to impeach President Trump, gun control battles continue raging in Washington, DC. Just in the last two weeks, we’ve seen multiple anti-gun pieces of legislation heard, and in some cases, rammed through U.S. House committees. * Ammo Bans * Mag Bans * Red Flag Laws * So-called “Assault Weapons” Ban * National Gun Registration The gun-grabbers are moving quicker than they’ve ever moved before, using their propaganda mouth pieces in the Fake News media and on Capitol Hill to get whatever they can under a Republican administration. The good news is, […]

TAKE ACTION: Gun Control Hearing TODAY!

Washington, DC — After a long August recess, Congress is back in session in Washington, DC, and they’re ready to ram gun control down our throats. Later today at 2:00 PM EST, anti-gun Democrat Jerry Nadler of New York will hold hearings on at least three gun control bills in the House Judiciary Committee. As Chairman of the committee, Nadler can bring up whatever bills he wants, and with Nancy Pelosi’s blessing the following bills will be heard today. H.R. 1236 — “Red Flag” Gun Seizure legislation H.R. 1186 — Nationwide Mag Ban H.R. 2708 — Lifetime firearm possession ban […]

American Firearms Coalition Show Podcast (May 23, 2019)

Here’s the May 23, 2019 edition of the American Firearms Coalition Show Podcast discussing the financial scandals within the NRA, our upcoming trip to DC to deliver your signed petitions to the White House against dangerous “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation, state legislative fights and so much more. Please watch the podcast below and sign your petition against dangerous “Red Flag Gun Seizures” at Never Compromise! Join the American Firearms Coalition ->

Meeting with the White House

Washington, DC — Last week, American Firearms Coalition board members met with White House legislative staff to express our concerns over dangerous “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation being discussed on Capitol Hill in DC. In no uncertain terms, we told the White House that not only are “Red Flags” a danger to gun owners and the Second Amendment rights of all Americans, but also a political danger to the President in 2020, who made disturbing comments about this subject in the days after last year’s Parkland shooting. We left the meeting urging President Trump’s staff to pass our open letter […]

White House Talks on “Red Flags” Today

Dear Fellow Patriot, Today, the Board of the American Firearms Coalition will have talks with White House legislative staff urging President Trump to OPPOSE all forms of dangerous “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation. Our message to the White House is the same message we’ve communicated with our supporters in all 50 states — “Red Flag Gun Seizures” are attacks on Second Amendment rights of Americans, violate Fourth Amendment rights to due process, and are being pushed and cheered on by Michael Bloomberg lobbyists and left-wing politicians across the country. We will make the case that gun owners DO NOT want […]