Open Letter to President Trump

Dear Mr. President, On behalf of over a million gun owners who are represented by the state level gun rights organizations that have signed this open letter, we are writing to urge you to publicly oppose ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation and to veto the bill should it land on your desk. This legislation was heard in the Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, March 26 and, based on the comments from lawmakers on both sides of the partisan aisle, it seems likely to move forward at a rapid pace. While the National Rifle Association (NRA) is urging you and Congress to […]

NRA-Backed Marco Rubio Files ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ Legislation

“I will support a law that takes that right away.” That’s what Florida Senator Marco Rubio said last year in the wake of the Parkland shooting, when asked if he would support legislation that takes away an 18-20 year old’s right to buy a rifle. Rubio went on to state that he is open to the idea of banning magazines over a certain size, that he would back Dianne Feinstein’s FIX-NICS bill, and more. Gun owners in Florida — and across the country — were stunned that a supposedly pro-gun stalwart would crumble so easily. But it only gets worse. […]

Nancy Pelosi HR8 Universal Background Checks for Firearms Owners

Help Stop Nancy Pelosi’s National Gun Registry Legislation!

After spending over 100 million dollars to flip control of Congress and put the Speaker’s gavel back into Nancy Pelosi’s hand, Michael Bloomberg is pushing for results. And Nancy Pelosi is doing all she can to deliver! That’s why I’m writing you today, as it appears likely that Congress will be holding hearings NEXT WEDNESDAY on H.R. 8! H.R. 8 is being sold to gun owners as an innocent ‘Universal Background Check bill’ that shouldn’t bother gun owners like you and me. But the reality is far different. This legislation is at the very top of the gun-control agenda being […]

Where is the NRA?

On election night 2016, gun owners across the country breathed a huge sigh of relief knowing that Obama’s eight-year war on our gun rights was over. Even better was the news that Hillary Clinton would not be our next President! Most gun owners went to bed that night assuming that for the foreseeable future, gun owners could go on offense in Washington, D.C., working to strengthen our Second Amendment freedoms. But as we all know now, that wasn’t what happened. Instead, in the wake of several high profile shootings, the NRA agreed with Senator Feinstein’s efforts to grossly expand the […]