On the Ground in Indianapolis! Stop Red Flags!

Indianapolis, Indiana — Enough is enough. Gun owners across the country were frustrated when not a single consequential pro-gun bill passed through Congress during two years of Republican control after President Trump’s inauguration. They grew irate when the NRA-backed Senator Dianne Feinstein’s FIX-NICS legislation, a dreadful bill that is disarming gun owners who haven’t been convicted of a crime. When the NRA came out in favor of banning bump-stocks, which just set us up for losing more accessories down the road, gun owners simply couldn’t believe it! But it was the NRA’s open and public support for ‘Red Flag Gun […]

NRA Exposed Next Weekend!

Dear Fellow Patriot, One week from today the team here at the American Firearms Coalition will descend on Indianapolis, Indiana where the NRA is holding their annual convention. We’ll be there OPPOSING their push for “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation in Washington, DC, exposing the NRA’s betrayal of gun owners to the 80,0000 visitors expected to attend. We know the NRA is aware we are coming, and they’re doing everything in their power to stop us. But they can’t — we’re committed to getting the truth out about the NRA’s push for “Red Flags” to gun owners in attendance AND […]