Plane in the Sky — President Trump Can’t Miss It!

Indianapolis, Indiana — In case you missed our email from earlier today, you might not know that the American Firearms Coalition is hammering away at NRA top brass right now in Indianapolis. We’re sick of the NRA’s support of FIX-NICS. We’re sick of the NRA’s support for banning bump stocks. We’re sick of the NRA’s support of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation. And we’re sick of the NRA misleading President Trump, telling him that supporting gun control bills like this won’t affect him next Fall! And that’s why the AFC has a plane in the sky right now, 1000 feet […]

Urge President Trump to Veto Red Flag Gun Seizures

In just the last four days, almost 20,000 supporters of the American Firearms Coalition signed their petition to President Trump urging him to VETO “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation. When we reach 100,000 petition signatures, we’ll deliver those petitions on your behalf to President Trump at the White House in Washington, DC. Using email, social media, and direct mail, thousands of Second Amendment supporters are signing this petition every single day. But we need your help to get to that 100,000 petition signature mark. Would you please click here and sign your petition right now? If you’ve already signed, please click […]

Tell President Trump to Oppose Red Flag Gun Seizures!

Dear Fellow Patriot, The Tuesday morning Judiciary Committee hearing over ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation in Washington, D.C. was nothing short of a sham. Every single witness testified in support of the bill. Even worse, not a single US Senator stood up for gun owners in opposition to this Constitution-shredding legislation! Of course, with the National Rifle Association fully behind this legislation, it’s not a surprise that moderate Republicans on the committee are refusing to fight for gun owners! And while this was just a hearing with no vote being taken, it’s clear that this bill is being primed to sail through […]

Where is the NRA?

On election night 2016, gun owners across the country breathed a huge sigh of relief knowing that Obama’s eight-year war on our gun rights was over. Even better was the news that Hillary Clinton would not be our next President! Most gun owners went to bed that night assuming that for the foreseeable future, gun owners could go on offense in Washington, D.C., working to strengthen our Second Amendment freedoms. But as we all know now, that wasn’t what happened. Instead, in the wake of several high profile shootings, the NRA agreed with Senator Feinstein’s efforts to grossly expand the […]